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Meet the HQO Team: Eric Granata

Eric Granata PicName: Eric Granata

HQO Role: Sales Analyst & Manager

Place of Birth: Reno, NV

Education: B.S. Economics & Finance, University of Nevada, Reno. MBA (’15), University of Nevada, Reno.

Why Eric Chose HQO:  I was attracted to HQO because of the growth opportunities in the company and the ability to work around my class schedule when I was an intern.  I am really excited to be working full-time now and expanding my role in sales. Meeting customers, learning the art of selling and working with the dynamic sales team are going to be great opportunities for me to grow and broaden my skills set.

Why HQO Chose Eric: HQO is privileged to be working in a community with a very well regarded business program at the University of Reno, Nevada (UNR). This past year we began to make an aggressive effort to seek out high-performing students at UNR and invite them to test out their knowledge in our fast-paced environment.  We’ve found the experiment to be extremely successful with our first two candidates, of which Eric is one.  His self discipline and drive, solid business knowledge and computer skills are just a few examples of why we are so pleased to bring Eric on full-time. He has quickly become a very valuable contributor to our growing sales team.

A Little About Eric: When Eric isn’t working, he’s drinking protein smoothies. (Just kidding!) While he does seem to consume an unusual amount of cloudy beverages at the office, it’s really because he’s a super active guy. When he’s not working out in the gym, he’s exploring the outdoors anyway he can, a classic result of growing up in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Eric also spends countless hours every year improving his vast knowledge of useless (according to him) sports trivia knowledge. (Note to self: choose Eric for the next office Trivial Pursuit throw down.)

Meet the HQO Team: Rachel Fransen

Rachel Graduation Pic copy

Name: Rachel Fransen

HQO Role: Supply Chain Administrator

Place of Birth: Genoa, NV

Education: B.S. in Business Administration with a focus in Management and Marketing, University of Nevada, Reno.

Why Rachel Chose HQO: Nutrition is one of my passions. I have been researching our food system and buying organic for about five years now. I had no clue High Quality Organics existed, but when I saw the job posting for an organic food company on the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) job board, I immediately applied because I wanted to find a career that blended with my passions with my skills set. I am really excited to be able to grow within the organization. There are a lot of opportunities to move around, learn new things and make a positive impact.

Why HQO Chose Rachel: Rachel is another great candidate from our new effort to attract top talent from the well-regarded business program at UNR. Her passion and knowledge of organics was a natural match for High Quality Organics. That, paired with her positive energy, organizational skills and excellent business knowledge, made her the perfect compliment to the supply team.  And, as our Vice President of Supply Chain openly acknowledges, “She can put up with me!” was another excellent reason to welcome Rachel onto HQO’s supply team full-time.

A Little About Rachel: Like most others at HQO, Rachel is a health and wellness nut that loves to play in the beautiful areas surrounding Reno, NV.  Whether it’s going to Lake Tahoe with her dog Louie, or hiking one of the hundreds of trails in the immediate area, Rachel is always happiest when active and outdoors. She also loves to travel – be it to Boston to see her sister or abroad. (Rachel spent a semester abroad at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain a few years ago learning the Spanish language and culture.)