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Top Trends from the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show

Specialty Food Assn LogoThe Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC is the largest specialty food show in North America.  With over 180,000 products and nearly 2,400 exhibitors from 80 countries, New York’s Fancy is the place to spot emerging food trends.

William Madden, Vice President of New Business Development, and East Coast Sales Manager Michael Klass were on hand to roam the isles, meet with customers and spot the top trends.  Below is their top ten list from the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show.

1. Quinoa and Ancient Grains – Ancient grains, especially quinoa, have seen a huge surge in demand in a very short period of time.  We see this trend continuing as more people look for gluten-free options and pure, natural ingredients.
2. Salsa – This one doesn’t surprise us. The fastest growing demographic in the U.S. is Hispanics (click here to read our white paper on Hispanics) and salsa sales far outpace ketchup. It makes perfect sense that this beloved condiment is booming in popularity.
3. Brines – This speaks to the trend we’re seeing in fermenting and the resurgence of homemakers growing their own food and preserving it via canning. What once was a tradition we only vaguely recall our grandmothers doing is now all the rage with the hippest foodies. Modernizing the preserving process with ready-made brines in a wide variety of flavors makes perfect sense.
4. Sauces –  As consumers look to cook with more fresh and healthful ingredients, they’re still demanding big flavor in a variety of ways. Baby boomers want more flavor in healthful ways and millennials want convenient ethnic flavors. Sauces bring these solutions and more to the convenience-driven consumer.
Whole Grain Council_SproutedGrain5. Sprouted – Health and wellness are driving a lot of food trends these days and sprouted seeds and grains is a great example of a food trend becoming popular based on its health benefits.  Sprouted grains and seeds claim to be easier for the body to digest and the nutrients (especially B vitamins and vitamin C) more bioavailable. Several research projects are underway to quantify sprouted grains health benefits. (Click on the image at the right to read more about sprouted grains.)
6. Superfoods – These have been a trend for sometime and we continue to see new products emerging claiming a superfood ingredient. Maca, baobab and chia are just of the few latest and greatest superfoods gaining popularity.
7. Fair Trade – More and more consumers demand transparency from the products they consume. Not only do they want a pure, safe and natural product but they want to make sure the people growing that product were paid fairly. Fair Trade speaks to the growing trend on corporate social responsibility and transparency. While the certification has been around for some time, we are seeing a growing use and demand for the seal.
8. Gluten-Free – This trend is most-likely what sparked the ancient grains trend. Gluten-free is another trend that’s been around for awhile and appears to continue to grow. Allergen-free is definitely the way of the future for many product lines.

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