Meet the HQO Team: Michael Klass

Name: Michael Klass Michael Klass Pic copy

HQO Role: East Coast Sales Manager

Place of Birth: A Jersey boy and proud of it! (Well, for the most part.)  Born in Newark and now lives in Morganville, just 40 minutes from the beaches. He lived in Brooklyn for 18 months and vowed he’ll never go back.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Rowan University. MBA in Marketing from Rutgers Graduate School of Management.

Why Michael Chose HQO: Michael has always had a passion for food and fitness and was eagerly seeking a place that was a better fit for his values.  HQO’s entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment and dynamic sales team sealed the deal for Michael.  He’s excited to put his strengths to work on growing sales on the east coast.

Why HQO Chose Michael: Great experience in food ingredient sales paired with a love of food, family and fitness is what brought Michael to the attention of HQO. His energetic, go-get-‘em attitude and demonstrated sales experience will make him a valuable asset to the HQO team. He has hit the ground running and we’re confident his contributions will be a great asset to the next chapter in HQO’s growth.

Memories with Michael: Michael refers to his wife of 20 years as his beautiful bride. (Can we say brownie points?) He’s fully aware his teenage daughter is totally embarrassed by his presence.  Meanwhile, he’s happy to have a nine-year-old son who still thinks his dad is “kinda” cool.  Michael loves to entertain but not just at home, he has been known to do some killer DJing at a handful of parties each year.  (Now, to come up with a reason to put that skill to work at HQO!)

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