Five Learnings from BioFach 2013


HQO’s VP of Supply Chain, Toby Eck, and Senior Buyer, Just Gates, traveled to BioFach last month to meet with suppliers and gather insight on global organic trends.  BioFach is one of the largest global events dedicated to the organic food industry with over 41,500 attendees from 129 countries. Toby noted five key takeaways from this year’s event:

1) Global Organic Food Growth – The organic market is growing at a much greater pace than conventional and many of the farmers that deal in organic and conventional are shifting to all organic.

Meeting up with our HQO Europe team is always a highlight of BioFach.

Meeting up with our HQO Europe team, Anh & Hammond, is always a highlight of BioFach.

2) Building Supplier Relationships – BioFach is always great opportunity to grow our relationships with key suppliers (most of whom Justin had the chance to meet fact-to-face for the first time).

3) Demand for Tea – There was a considerable increase in tea exhibitors this year proving that demand for tea is increasing globally, not just domestically.

4) Africa Emerging – There appears to be an increased representation in African countries. We think this is going to be the next big origin for organic ingredients.

5) Marketing Sustainability – This year there was a big focus on sustainability.  Instead of the typical product advertising, many individual farmers and processors were promoting their sustainable initiatives.

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