Organic Defined

High Quality Organics

Here at HQO we understand that sometimes one can get lost in all the confusion of organic lingo that Imagesurrounds products today.  Below, we have spelled-out some of the most common packaging claims:

-Products with less than 70 percent organic content cannot flaunt any organic ingredients on the front panel but may identify organic items in the ingredients list.

100% Organic ensures that every grain and morsel in that box or bag is certified organic (with the exceptions of added salt and water).

Organic tells you that at least 95 percent of the content (by weight) is organic. The remaining 5 percent must come from a list of ingredients specifically allowed in organic foods.

Made with Organic Ingredients confirms that at least 70 percent of the product is made from organic ingredients. Labels may list the specific organic ingredients.

For more information on organic certification, be sure to visit our website at

Infographic from: “Organicity”- University of Hong Kong

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