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HQO Weekly News Roundup

A collection of some of the organic food news we’ve been reading and discussing at HQO.

Hot Topics

Has ‘Organic’ Been Oversized? – The New York Times published this article over a month ago but it’s still getting a lot of attention.  So, what do you think?  Is the growing list of approved non-organic ingredients in a labeled organic product a concern to you?  Even though organic is the most regulated food on today’s grocery store shelves, should the standards be higher?

Some follow-ups from the article:

  • How the NY Times Went Too Far in Slamming Big Organic
  • The latest New York Times expose won’t stop me from eating organic
  • Guidelines for buying organic products


California’s GMO labeling initiative Prop 37 is a win-win

Is Team Organic Outspending Team Big Ag in the GMO Labeling Fight?

Monsanto’s GE Sweet Corn to Hit Store Shelves

Market Insights

Millennials or baby boomers: Which should you target?

U.S. Hispanic consumers pose strong market

Dean Food launches IPO for WhiteWave

Just for Fun

Honest Tea will test Denver’s honesty next week – A cute social experiment that has perked our ears.  Have you been involved in a social stunt like this?

Lapka’s iPhone Plug-In Tests If Your Food Is Really Organic