How to make Tamales

Tamales are a great way to get the entire family in the kitchen to spend time together! This super simple recipe is a great introduction to the classical hispanic dish of Tamales!


To begin you’ll need:

-12 corn husks soaked in warm water

-2 tbsp of paprika, 2 tbsp of Adobo mix, 2 tbsp of kosher salt

-3 cups prepared masa

-2 lbs of beef, chicken or pork

-1 cup light beer

Step 1: Rub your meat with the seasoning blend and place in a dutch oven. Add your beer to the bottom of the dutch oven, this will act as our braising liquid. Close the top with the lid and place in a 300F oven for 2 hours. Then shred the meat with a fork. Below is our shredded chicken (left) and prepared masa (you can find this at most hispanic speciality stores)



Step 2: Fill your corn husks. Lay the husk flat and add about a tablespoon’s worth of the prepared masa


Step 3: Add about 2 tbsp of your prepared meat to the masa


Step 4: Roll the edges of the corn husk and fold the bottom to make a compact steaming pouch


Step 5: Place the folded tamales into your steamer, and when full, cover and steam for 30-45 minutes. Serve hot with salsa. Enjoy!


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    Check out the video on how to make Tamales:

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