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HQO Weekly News Roundup September 19, 2012



Ginger: a health and wellness ingredient. Euro Monitor International reports on the many health benefits of ginger and how to unlock its many powers.

The United States still has the highest meat consumption, but Food Navigator reports that its meat consumption is declining… and for surprising reasons.

You may have read Stanford’s recent study “organic is not better than conventional”, but Jody Mason from New Hope 360 argues to the contrary and in this article, and explains exactly why.


Organic Business:

The recent merger between Sprouts Farmers Market and Sunflower Markets will make Sprouts one of the fastest growing retailers in the United States.

In a interesting twist, could organic companies be against the labeling of GMOs? Kimi Harris blogs in Mother Nature Network that many organic companies are owned by large corporations, and some of their profits may be used to fight against Prop 37.

The lip balm that we have all come to know and love, Burt’s Bees Wax, has launched an organic mom and baby lifestyle brand.  In a recent article with New Hope 360, president, Maria Asker, explains why the company has the potential  to make organic lifestyle products.

HQO Weekly News Roundup September 5, 2012


Here is a review of some top stories in the Organic industry from week…


As we get closer to voting time, a very hot topic is California’s Proposition 37 which would require the labeling of GMOs. This article discusses why this issue requires nationwide action.

Industry News

Its always great to hear that the Natural and Organic industry is booming, and SPINS reports that “Natural retailers have seen a double-digit sales growth in every four-week period during 2012 as consumers continue to demand natural and organic foods”.

With sustainability on everyone’s mind these days, it is nice to see that the food industry has launched a series of initiatives that focus on sustainability and how to improve supply.

Health Benefits

One reason why the natural and organic industry is so popular is because of its health benefits. In this article from NutraIngredients, an herbal tea extra has been found that may have benefits for breast cancer patients.